GTA 6 : What we wish to come

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most played games of all times and it’s time for its next installment as Rockstar games is rumored to announce GTA VI anytime soon. Here are the things that Rockstar Games is planning to change in the GTA VI.


  1. Licensed Vehicles and Detailed Modifying options

GTA VI will boost cars from your favorite manufacturers like Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bugattis, Paganis and much more. This is a huge step taken by Rockstar Games as they never included any licensed car in their game ever before. Even GTA V had cars which were inspired from real world cars but not exactly what you would expect them to be. Licensed cars will also mean that they are high on power and realism of them will also make GTA VI one of the best games to play.

GTA V gave players an opportunity to modify their cars and this is also carried forward to the GTA VI as well. But there is a huge difference between the two as in GTA V, we were only allowed to modify car skirts, tints and spoilers in terms of visual modifications but in GTA VI we will be allowed to modify the interior of the car as well.

  1. Female Character

As we have seen the empowerment of women in many TV shows and superhero movies, Rockstar Games is making their attempt in doing the same thing. Now, players will also have an option to choose between different characters, mainly between male and female. Rockstar games killed one bird with two stones as they have also targeted female fan following by introducing the female character.

  1. Worldwide Maps

GTA V had maps with attention to details at each place. This thing was really appreciated by the users and this is what they are taking along to the GTA VI. But this time, you will get to roam around the entire world. Yes, you heard it right, Rockstar Games will be introducing world maps with each destination having attention to details like GTA V. this is one of the best things and its like GTA lover’s dream come true.

  1. VR Support

We all know that Virtual Reality is the future or mobile entertainment and what Rockstar games have done is combine that technology with the GTA VI. This feature will be so amazing that it will become one of its Unique Selling Point. The game will be an absolute joy to play using VR set as the world map will have enough details to make us feel that we are playing it in real time.

  1. Compatibility

GTA VI will be launched for 4 platforms which include PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. This is a huge decision to provide the game for all four major platforms. We wish that sims 5 also comes with same set of features.



Popularity of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Just after the popularity of Samsung Galaxy note 7, there were rumors easily available for the upcoming device in the Galaxy S series which will be Samsung Galaxy note 7. Some said that it note 7 is the last device in the series but it can be confirmed that Samsung will not stop launching beats in their most popular series and same as iPhone 7 which is launching soon . It is believed that this device will not be launched with the name note 7 as Samsung already has a device carrying name Samsung Galaxy 5. So it will come with the name Galaxy SV.



What is Samsung Galaxy note 7 / note 7 edge all about?


This device will be renovated in all the aspects like specs, design and etc. Koreans also arranged a special meeting in which they discussed the strategy to be used for their upcoming devices to launch them with new designs. It is said that Samsung customers are getting bored of the same design again and again which led to the renovation. It is rumored that for the first they will introduce deca core or 16 core processor in their new device.

Why this device will have deca of 16 core processor?

Few days back, Octa core processor was officially announced and now it has been used in various upcoming devices. Even Octa core processor was used in Galaxy note 7. Will it make any difference to launch the upgraded version with same processor. This is the reason to work on deca or 16 core processor.

Galaxy note 7 / SV Release date

Earlier it was rumored that this device will be launched in April, 2014. After getting the news of the launch of various device in competition like LG Optimus G2, Nexus 5 and iPhone 6, Samsung has started working on this device faster. They want to launch Samsung Galaxy note 7 device early than the expected date of release.


Better browsers for better experience

Gone are the days when a phone was just a communication device. There was a time when people only made and received calls or sent and received text messages. Now it has all become about the different data/internet connections and their usage in the better functionality of the person. One can now consider himself handicapped if he is made to part with his smartphone, as he must have his mails, messages, bank account, social life and everything in there. It is universal that the Android and the Apple operating systems are the best that are available, it is also necessary to use the right browsers and application to maximise the user experience and to let the user make the most out of this. Here are the top 5 web browsers for Android and iOS.



–          Chrome: This is not a tough guess for the Android users. Since Android is the product of Google, their very own browser is bound to work like butter on bread on it. But surprising it has some amazing compatibility with the Apple OS as well. It offers perfect sync, and also lets the user stack tabs one upon the other for better use. Though it is new to the Apple devices it can give each one of its competition browsers a run for their money.

–          Dolphin: This is one of the best browsers that is available to almost any OS that exists. It syncs all the bookmarks and other data using their new Dolphin Connect Service. It allows the person to use the ‘speak to text’ facility and also customise the impact of different actions on the phone.

–          Opera: This is a well-developed mobile-responsive browser that matches the quality of its desktop counterpart. It makes it easy for the user to navigate through pages and also loads pages in a snap. One of the best feature is the pop up blocker that it hosts.

–          Maxthon (Android): This is a browser specific to Android and is one of the easiest to use. It has a distinctive set of features that are powerful yet stable for better functionality. It supports background page loading that does not take away from the page’s aesthetics.

–          Safari (Apple): This is the obvious favourite of all the Apple phone users as it is the default browser that is supported by Apple. Powered with the facility of i-Cloud and different features that let the user enjoy each page without the ads and other jazz that clutter up the page. It highlights the text on each page and also lets the user save it for repetitive reading.

There are several apps, games and services that can be used on the handsets that support these operating systems. These are the top 5 web browsers for Android and iOS that can be used by the people for better connectivity to the internet and access to sites with the help of their handsets. Some of them come with the handset, the others have to be downloaded.

The brilliant luxury phone iPhone 6 plus can now be bought at a reasonable price

The technical specifications of the new iPhone 6 plus are certainly attractive, and most of the people want this classy phone for its look is gorgeous and feel is premium. Apple is a brand name when it comes to the quality of Smartphone’s in the market. The new iPhone has better connectivity, better power backup, nice display and camera, along with a list of remarkable features. It is absolutely a valuable purchase for the user. However, the price of the iPhone 6 plus is a bit daunting for the users when it comes to buying the phone. Thus, to get the phone at a decent price, you can make use of some coupon codes that will allow you to make a profitable purchase.


Features of the new iPhone 6 plus which makes it worth buying:

The ultimate specs of the new iPhone 6 plus has an advanced multi touch display which is a seamless blend of entertainment and art. The phone is also made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum which gives it a smooth surface. The 5.5 inch screen will be more fun to use when it comes to gaming technologies and other things that you love to do on your iPhone. The phone has a more sleek design, and the iOS8 gives a more reliable and faster performance than before. You can buy one using Snapdeal coupons 2016 at the purchase page.

The apps have improved a great deal. For example, the messages app will have a two-up display now when horizontal and same goes for the emails as well. The emails will also have two ups where you will be able to see your messages and inbox on one screen when horizontal. The iPhone is very convenient and intuitive and some new features that are added on the iPhone 6 plus will make the complete task more interesting no matter what you do. You can also enjoy taking better pictures or images as the 8 MP primary cameras and 1.2 MP secondary cameras will allow you take pictures with great details. Undoubtedly, it is a lucrative purchase for you. This latest phone comes with phenomenal visuals and nice color and design.

Use deals for easy purchase:

The best thing you can do to make you purchase worthwhile is by using the Amazon India coupons 2015 as you can get fabulous discounts. When it comes to buying from a physical store, you need those negotiation skills and still not get a better deal, but when it comes to purchasing online, you can make your shopping experience more rewarding and the discount coupons and special offers will allow you to save a lot of money as well.

You can use the website CouponMama, and this will help the user to make a decent as well as a valuable purchase. It is one of the fast growing websites in India and using different deals can help you buy the iPhone plus at a very cheap rate. So, make your purchase today using the discounted coupons and hot deals.

LeEco Le 1s review: Best designed phone, but flaws need a fix !

Sometimes, I wish to like a phone more than I really like it. There are some actually attractive aspects to the LeEco Le 1sts. It’s likewise a lovely phone that makes you want to hold it longer. And yet, its mistakes are hard to overlook.
It’s the kind of phone which you will not regret acquiring. It’s the kind of phone you would certainly even want to flaunt. However it’s the type of phone where you can feel its problems regularly, and that makes you believe, “Could I have obtained something nicer for my cash?” Unfortunately, the answer is of course.
I’ve made use of the LeEco Le Ones as my primary mobile phone for over a month currently. At the end of it, I’m actually unfortunate to get rid of it. But I will not miss it. Right here’s why …
There’s So Much To Love

images (2)

I’ll be sincere, I really did not expect to be astonished deliberately of the LeEco Le 1s. We’re all a bit jaded now with these Rs 10,000 phones, typically aren’t we? Flashy promotions tell you exactly how it’s a “metal phone” or “embellished by aluminium” or “best unibody design”. And when you go to a shop to really see it, you’re dissatisfied by how much the marketers existed to you.
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The LeEco Le 1s lives up to all its hype. It is an actual metal unibody phone, as well as there’s a lot of treatment that has gone into the style. Take the top of the phone. There’s a decorative lens electrical outlet to enhance the front-facing video camera, so that it looks balanced on either side of the earpiece; nearly like an emoji. The chamfered edges, the smooth design, the full-flat back, the edge-to-edge glass on the front– it’s the most lovely phone in this rate variety. I shed count of the number of people that thought it was a premium mobile phone.


lus, it’s quick! The Helio X10 cpu and the 3GB of RAM incorporate to load a punch. Multi-tasking remained smooth throughout, even allowing me switch over between active video games and WhatsApp messages without losing my position in the game.
You additionally get an above-average cam in the bundle, firing images with vivid details and adequately exact colours in the daylight. It’s not particularly great in low-light atmospheres though. Allow me place it in this manner: If you’re visiting upload images on Facebook or Instagram, it’s fine, however do not anticipate to publish out a picture you extract from this phone in a dark restaurant.

The package is finished off by a crisp Complete HD screen, the likeable customized UI (which isn’t as well different from the default Android UI), as well as strange little bits like an infrared sensing unit with a customized remote application to control things like your a/c or TV.
Yet all this still does not totally offset the two aspects of the LeEco Le 1s that badgered me one of the most over the past month.

HTC One M9+ ramps up screen resolution and scans your fingers

The HTC One M9 is still warm from the production line yet currently HTC has a brand-new version to tempt you with. Called the One M9+, this phone maintains the beautiful all-metal layout of the basic M9, however makes a few vital tweaks.

It’s got a bigger 5.2-inch display with a much higher 2,560×1,440-pixel resolution, has a finger print scanner built into the front as well as utilizes a MediaTek instead of Qualcomm cpu. The depth-sensing lens seen on the One M8, yet not the M9, has also made a return.

HTC is evidently really hoping that the boost in display resolution and the finger print sensing unit will help maintain the M9+ in line with Samsung’s Galaxy S6. If it actually hopes to take Samsung’s crown however, HTC needs to concentrate much more on battery life as well as video camera high quality– both which were less compared to excellent on the M9 and also on paper don’t seem to have actually been dealt with on the M9+ either.


HTC has up until now just validated the phone will certainly release in Europe, so anticipate to see it in UK shops in the coming few months. There’s been no word so far on when (or undoubtedly if) the M9+ will see a launch in the US as well as Australia, however we’ll upgrade this post as and when we listen to many more. Rates haven’t been stated yet, yet the M9 presently costs ₤ 500 ($ 782, AU$ 1,059) SIM-free on Amazon in the UK as well as there’s no need to expect the M9+ to be any type of cheaper.

Style and screen

To fit that bigger display screen, the body of the M9+ has actually had to expand somewhat. It’s 6mm wider and 2mm taller, although it’s no fatter, so it should not be more tough to obtain into your jeans. The weight has actually gone from 157g to 168g, although I question that’s a rise you’re ever most likely to observe.

The phone is still framed completely in metal, with a one-piece building. Like the common M9, it’ll be available in a silver brushed steel back with brightened increased gold sides, and you’ll be able to select it up in normal silver or gunmetal grey colours too. I really suched as the silver and gold color scheme on the common M9, as well as adored the extravagant feel of the steel body. The M9 is absolutely among one of the most superior feeling Android phones around and also I’m hoping that the M9+ hasn’t already done anything to interfere with that.

The front of the phone is the home of HTC’s legendary Boomsound speakers, which rest above and also listed below the display screen. Not just are these sound speakers physically larger than you’ll find in many phones, but their forward encountering placement means the noise is fired right at you, resulting in better-sounding audio all round. The M9’s sound speakers are conveniently audible to let me delight in podcasts while banging around the cooking area aiming to develop a dish from whatever I’ve obtained left in the fridge. The fingerprint scanner sits in the center of the bottom sound speaker, so probably that speaker has had to be made smaller. Whether the speakers on the M9+ handle to pump out similarly big sound continues to be to be seen– or heard, I ought to claim.

The display isn’t simply bigger however has a 2,560×1,440-pixel resolution, which is a considerable boost over the 1,920×1,080-pixel screen on the regular M9. While the M9 has a good pixel thickness of 440 pixels per inch, the M9+ shatters that with a whopping 564 ppi. I’m expecting it for that reason to look incredibly crisp, although it’ll have to be brilliant as well as have excellent colours as well for me to regard it a success.



Unlike the typical M9, the M9+ packs a fingerprint visitor, which you’ll discover on the front, below the screen. It actually looks instead like the home button seen on the Galaxy S6, although it’s not a button– HTC’s navigation controls are still constructed into the software program seen on-screen. That ideally will make it somewhat easier to make use of compared to the rear-mounted fingerprint sensing unit we saw on HTC’s 5.9-inch One Max. I’ll be testing just how precise, receptive as well as comfortable HTC’s new finger print sensor is to browsing when I obtain the phone in for a full review.

The M9+ has had some changes on the in, as well. It’s packing an octa-core MediaTek Helio X10 cpu, instead of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor found on the M9. It’s interesting that HTC has actually decided to change processor providers completely in between both phones, although the reasons behind the action are up until now uncertain.

It’s still operating on the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop software program and also you’ll discover HTC’s Sense 7 user interface put over the top. I truly enjoyed Sense 7 on the M9– it’s tidy, very easy to browsing and quite receptive. Feeling 7 brings a new theme generator which allows you heavily personalize the appearance of the user interface, along with a house screen widget that dynamically displays apps based upon your area. In the house, as an example, it may reveal you the TV remote app and BBC iPlayer. At the workplace, the apps on display may include Google Drive or the calendar.

With the M9, HTC removed the duo lens camera from the M8, however it’s made a return with the M9+. The second lens is in fact a deepness sensing unit, enabling the video camera to execute functions like refocussing after a shot is taken, or dividing foreground objects from the history in order to apply an array of impacts. I found the duo lens to be rather fun on the One M8, however it was barely an awesome feature and I didn’t miss it on the One M9.

Exactly what I would favor to have actually seen on the M9 is a far better quality video camera. Its 20-megapixel sensor can take some acceptable shots, yet it can have a problem with exposure and white balance, indicating the phone didn’t pair up to the iPhone 6 or Galaxy S6 in camera terms. The M9+ has the exact same 20-megapixel camera on the back, although whether there’s been any type of remarkable enhancement in overall quality will not become clear up until we put it with its speeds. The 4-UltraPixel camera on the front is likewise the same as that discovered in the M9.

Although the battery stays the very same dimension at 2,840 mAh, HTC’s expected 3G talk time of 13 hours is a substantial decrease from the 21.5 hours expected on the basic M9. That’s such a worryingly huge decline that I believed it might have been an error on the info I was offered. I asked HTC to confirm and also was told it was not an error on the truth sheet, but the number will certainly be ascertained with head workplace to be sure. I will certainly update this write-up when I discover many more.

As it stands though, that’s not a great sign. The battery life on the M9 had not been anything to compose home about as it is, so such a big drop in talk time is not welcome. On the benefit, 3G standby time has actually obviously jumped from 402 hrs to 626 hrs, so if you’re not a hefty individual, you could probably still obtain a reasonable battery life. This certainly will certainly be extensively examined in the full review.



With a super-high definition display and a new fingerprint sensor, the HTC One M9+ has two attributes that bring it much more according to its major opponent, the Samsung Galaxy S6. The all-metal layout looks every bit as spectacular as it did on the standard One M9 also. The dramatically reduced battery life price quote is stressing however, as well as the return of the duo-camera won’t count for much if image quality hasn’t been attended to.