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Gone are the days when a phone was just a communication device. There was a time when people only made and received calls or sent and received text messages. Now it has all become about the different data/internet connections and their usage in the better functionality of the person. One can now consider himself handicapped if he is made to part with his smartphone, as he must have his mails, messages, bank account, social life and everything in there. It is universal that the Android and the Apple operating systems are the best that are available, it is also necessary to use the right browsers and application to maximise the user experience and to let the user make the most out of this. Here are the top 5 web browsers for Android and iOS.



–          Chrome: This is not a tough guess for the Android users. Since Android is the product of Google, their very own browser is bound to work like butter on bread on it. But surprising it has some amazing compatibility with the Apple OS as well. It offers perfect sync, and also lets the user stack tabs one upon the other for better use. Though it is new to the Apple devices it can give each one of its competition browsers a run for their money.

–          Dolphin: This is one of the best browsers that is available to almost any OS that exists. It syncs all the bookmarks and other data using their new Dolphin Connect Service. It allows the person to use the ‘speak to text’ facility and also customise the impact of different actions on the phone.


–          Opera: This is a well-developed mobile-responsive browser that matches the quality of its desktop counterpart. It makes it easy for the user to navigate through pages and also loads pages in a snap. One of the best feature is the pop up blocker that it hosts.

–          Maxthon (Android): This is a browser specific to Android and is one of the easiest to use. It has a distinctive set of features that are powerful yet stable for better functionality. It supports background page loading that does not take away from the page’s aesthetics.

–          Safari (Apple): This is the obvious favourite of all the Apple phone users as it is the default browser that is supported by Apple. Powered with the facility of i-Cloud and different features that let the user enjoy each page without the ads and other jazz that clutter up the page. It highlights the text on each page and also lets the user save it for repetitive reading.

There are several apps, games and services that can be used on the handsets that support these operating systems. These are the top 5 web browsers for Android and iOS that can be used by the people for better connectivity to the internet and access to sites with the help of their handsets. Some of them come with the handset, the others have to be downloaded.

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