Popularity of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Just after the popularity of Samsung Galaxy note 7, there were rumors easily available for the upcoming device in the Galaxy S series which will be Samsung Galaxy note 7. Some said that it note 7 is the last device in the series but it can be confirmed that Samsung will not stop launching beats in their most popular series and same as iPhone 7 which is launching soon . It is believed that this device will not be launched with the name note 7 as Samsung already has a device carrying name Samsung Galaxy 5. So it will come with the name Galaxy SV.



What is Samsung Galaxy note 7 / note 7 edge all about?


This device will be renovated in all the aspects like specs, design and etc. Koreans also arranged a special meeting in which they discussed the strategy to be used for their upcoming devices to launch them with new designs. It is said that Samsung customers are getting bored of the same design again and again which led to the renovation. It is rumored that for the first they will introduce deca core or 16 core processor in their new device.

Why this device will have deca of 16 core processor?

Few days back, Octa core processor was officially announced and now it has been used in various upcoming devices. Even Octa core processor was used in Galaxy note 7. Will it make any difference to launch the upgraded version with same processor. This is the reason to work on deca or 16 core processor.

Galaxy note 7 / SV Release date

Earlier it was rumored that this device will be launched in April, 2014. After getting the news of the launch of various device in competition like LG Optimus G2, Nexus 5 and iPhone 6, Samsung has started working on this device faster. They want to launch Samsung Galaxy note 7 device early than the expected date of release.


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