Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle $1995 – The Most Advanced Technology in Cycling Market


Cycling is one of the best ways to stay fit since it helps to protect from serious ailments like heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, obesity and more. Due to increased rate of such serious diseases, people have awakened their conscience and have started devoting time to workouts especially indoor cycling. And this indoor cycling has been made possible with highly advanced spin bikes. In the series of numerous spin bikes available in market, a new entry has been made by Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle. This USA made high tech spin bikes is a great revolutionary in the cycling bike market with stunning features and durability. Here are multiple features carried by this amazing Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle.


Size Features

Along with modern and eye catching design, the wonderful size features carried by Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle $1995 consists of 45 inches of height, 26 inches of width and 49 inches of overall length. This cycle weighs 85 lb. It is capable to combat a 300 lb of pressure quite conveniently.

Powerful Magnetic Resistance

This M3i Indoor Cycle by Keiser is based on magnetic resistance technology which in turn offers a smooth and comfortable ride. It needs almost negligible maintenance and still can serve you for years.

Computer Enabled with Bluetooth Technology

The powerful Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle has been equipped with a small wireless computer system to display power output, revolutions per minute, level of resistance, trip distance and pedaling time. You can easily keep track of your exercise with all such readings. The computer system carried by this bike is enabled with Bluetooth and can also be connected to your smartphone apps. In other words this bike has brought a great technological revolution with easy accessibility to people, fond of indoor cycling.

Transport Wheels

We can’t refer a bike comfortable and easy to handle if it is not handy and easily movable. But we will definitely refer this Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle easy going as it comes with sophisticated transport wheels to help you move it anywhere throughout your space.

4-Way Adjustable Handlebars

Its racing style handlebars are sufficient to increase your workout enthusiasm. These 4-way handlebars are adjustable to help you set those as per your comfort level.

Adjustable Seat

You may have heard of several seat positioning issues in ordinary cycling bikes, but Keiser’s innovative M3i indoor cycle has resolved this issues by adding seat adjustment feature to this spin bike. Since seat is positioning one of the important thing that makes you feel comfortable while riding. In this indoor cycle one can adjust the seat as per one’s body size and structure to have a perfect riding experience.

Water Bottle Holder

While cycling you need sufficient amount of water to drink to overcome your extreme thrust. But while cycling, it doesn’t make sense that every time you feel thirsty, you will get out of your bike and then have water. So to sort out this problem, Keiser’s M3i Indoor Cycle also comes with a water bottle handler where you can keep your water bottle and stay hydrated while cycling.


This M3i Indoor Cycle by Keiser comes with all-inclusive one year warranty along with 6 months warranty on its parts.


Cost is obviously most important factor that needs to be considered keeping all its features in mind. This Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle costs $1995 in total.

With all such highly advanced and extraordinary features it would not be wrong to say that this Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle worth the cost. You will never be disappointed on opting this spin bike for your workout needs.

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