Lower back tattoos are done on the lower part of the back of a person. It is a form of body art. It became popular in the 2000s especially among women and was considered a feminine type of tattoo. Back tattoos are accentuated by low-jeans and crop tops. It is also called tramp stamp by some less than open minded people.

In this article, I will not only let you suggest some good lower back tattoos, but you will also come to know about this trend. Obviously, there are some precautions for tattooing on your skin so here you will gain some idea about it.


Historically men have been the majority of recipients of the tattoo. In the early 1990s tattoos gained popularity among women. And in the early-mid twentieth century, women with tattoos were heavily disapproved, and were rarely found in the middle-class society. But in the early 2000s lower back tattoos became very popular especially among women, mainly due to the influence of celebrities.

Lower back tattoos are extremely popular among women. Various psychological associations observed that there is a very strong connection between lower back tattoos and social deviant behaviour. The popularity of low-rider jeans and crop tops has brought more attention to lower back tattoos in the 2000s. Lower back tattoos are said to be associated with a sexual nature because of its location. There are many pejorative nicknames for lower back tattoos, such as “tramp stamp”, “bulls-eye”, “target”, etc.


Women mostly prefer soft and delicate looking designs. Some of the most popular designs for lower back tattoos are flowers, unicorns, stars, fairies, dragon, butterflies, celtic knots, etc.

Here are some of lower back tattoo that you may like:-



       Tattooing may cause skin diseases like granulomas i.e. bumps, the result of skin infection.

        The dyes used for making tattoos especially red, yellow, green and blue color, causes allergic reactions on the skin even years after the tattoo is done.

        Tattooing may also infect a person with blood-bore diseases like hepatitis B, hepatitis C, tetanus, etc.

       It may also cause complications during magnetic resonance imaging tests (MRI). Swelling and burning on the site of the tattoo may occur. The tattoo pigments may also interfere with the quality of the image produced during MRI tests.

       Tattooing is a very painful process.


In the old days, tattoo was removed by injecting wine, lime, and garlic or pigeon excretion. Now many new techniques have been discovered some of them are laser tattoo removal methods, dermabrasion, trichloroacetic acid (TCA), Salabrasion (i.e. scrubbing the skin with salt.), cryosurgery, and excision. The laser tattoo removal method became commercially available during the 1990s. Laser tattoo removal method was performed initially by continuous-wave lasers and later with Q-switched lasers.

Although laser treatment method is very popular, it has some unwanted side effects.


Still, tattooing is a big trend for some. And if you are also looking for the same for your lower back then I have given you some of the beautiful lower back tattoos. Hope you have like, for more lower back tattoo designs you can communicate me leaving a comment below in the comment section.


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