4 Tips to Crack GATE exam

The Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering Exam is a highly competitive entrance exam for qualifying candidates to secure admission for post graduate programs. Every year lakhs of students appear for the GATE exam and it is very important that a rigorous preparation be initiated to ensure that you crack the exam. To help you in this endeavor, we bring you 4 tips which will help increase your efficiency and crack the GATE exam:

Plan your Strategy

Concentrate on the syllabus and understand the subjects. Prepare a timetable which will cover all the topics. Coming to the preparation part, it is advisable that you give 6-8 months so that you get enough time to prepare for the different topics. Your plan should be achievable and planned in a way that you get enough revision time at the end.

Right Reference Materials and Available Sources

There are a number of reference books available in the market for GATE preparation. Carefully analyze the books which you would require for your preparation and which cover all the topics in details as well as the basic concepts. Go for those books which you feel are easy to understand since you will not have enough time to read all the books that might have been recommended by others. It is preferable to go for standard books which will cover all your syllabus. Go through different available sources such as online platforms/ websites that provides you with reference materials for your practice.

Test your Abilities

By the time you complete a major part of the syllabus, you will be confident enough to solve question papers efficiently. Practice old question papers which will serve you utmost importance. These papers will provide youan insight into the types of questions and the marking system. You can know how the exam actually is and have an edge over the other candidates. Thee mock tests will serve as an important part in your preparation.

Prepare Notes

Make it a habit to prepare notes as you keep studying. The main objective of this tip is when you start revising your subjects before the exam, these notes serve you as a guide to recollect important points. You can also go through these notes at the end of the day which will help you recall the entire preparation. It will not only increase your efficiency but also increase your memory power.

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