How to Study for B. Ed Entrance Exams


B. Ed – Bachelor of Education is a postgraduate academic degree which prepares students to work as a teacher in schools. The entrance tests associated with B. Ed is an entrance exam undertaken by various universities to admit students in various education colleges attached with it for the one year course. Here are few basic tips to be followed to prepare for the syllabus of B. Ed entrance exams easily:

General English

The General English test assesses candidates based on their understanding of English. This test comprises reading comprehension, sentence correction, articles, prepositions, spelling, tenses, synonyms, antonyms and vocabulary.

To prepare for this section, refer to Basic English books, and browse through all these topics and practice exercises related to each of these topics. Practice online mock tests which will help you judge where you stand. Reading English newspapers on a daily basis helps improve your vocabulary. To develop a decent word bank, learn new words everyday and know their antonyms and synonyms.


General Knowledge 

This section tests the candidates General Knowledge, their awareness about the environment, current events, about the history, culture, economics, geography, general policies of the country, and its neighboring countries.

To prepare for the general knowledge part, start following daily news on television and regularly read the newspaper. You can also go for the different books available for general knowledge.

Teaching Aptitude

In the teaching aptitude section, candidates are assessed for their basic teaching skills. For this, the candidate must have good communication skills, should know how to deal with children, have a clear understanding of children and should also have general analytical skills and intelligence. This way the candidates teaching aptitude is checked.

To prepare for this part, refer to various resources that are available both in the market and online and also practice online tests. Refer to previous question papers as much as possible to gain an idea about the paper.

There is another part in this exam which covers graduation level syllabus for the subjects’ mathematics, chemistry, physics, biological sciences, geography, history, civics and economics. The syllabus will be of graduation level for English and will include the topics like grammar, elements of phonetics, phrasal verbs, language functions, study and writing skills, and reference skills.

To prepare for this section, try and practice all previous question papers to know what to expect in the exam. Take mock tests to know the pattern of questions and manage your time.

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