Know About Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB)

About BSEB - Bihar Board

The Bihar School Examination Board abbreviated as BSEB is a organization formulated by the state government of Bihar to strength and encourage the education in the state. The board is constructed in the state to provide education to the each and every citizen of state whether he is poor or rich, girl or boy as under the constitution of India every citizen has right to get educate.

The Bihar Education Board makes sure that an every individual will get educated. The board provides the syllabus for the courses and make sure that the educators of the government schools are well qualified and efficient.

The BSEB Board conducts the secondary and senior secondary school examinations twice a year. One is the annual board examinations in February–March and the other is a supplementary examination held in August–September of every year. The duty of the Bihar Board is not just limited up to conducting 10th and 12th class examination, the list of boards duties are bit longer than that.

About BSEB - Bihar Board

Duties of the Bihar School Examination Board :

The primary and secondary duties of the board are listed below as:

  • The board conducts the secondary (10th class) and senior secondary (12th class) school examinations twice a year. One is the annual board examinations in February–March and the other is a supplementary examination held in August–September of every year.
  • The board also conducts the following examination in the state such as departmental examinations such as Diploma in Physical Education, Common Entrance test exams for the engineering and pharmacy students, Certificate in Physical Education and Teachers Training Examination.
  • Every year board held’s the academic council meeting in the presence of well qualified and experienced scholars if different fields and revise the syllabus of the courses and add current affairs in the course.
  • To provide good education to the students one thing that most matters is the competent teaching staff. The board hires well qualified and educated teachers to give values to the students. The board also manages the teacher’s strength in the school and evaluates their performance from time to time.
  • The growth and maintenance of the government schools is also the duty of the board. The board officers gradually visit the different school and inspect the need of any new change and the well fare of schools.
  • The computer is becoming very important tool now days and board had make it mission to provide the computer training to the students. For that purpose computer experts are appointed in the schools and computers are also availed in the schools for practical knowledge of students.
  • One of the duties of the board is to take all the necessary steps to raise the standards of the Board and to encourage and motivate students and teachers to strive for excellence.
  • BSEB is also evaluates answer sheet of each applicant. After completion of evaluate process, They also declared Bihar Board 10th Result & BSEB 12th Result 2017 respectively for Class 10th & Class 12th.

Important Information related to the BSEB

  • State Governmental Board of Education is regulated by the Bihar state government and all the educational policies are made by the state government for the board to work upon.
  • The Headquarters of the board is located in the capital of Bihar that’s Patna, India. The sub offices are situated in each district.
  • The Official language of the board is Hindi and English.
  • The current Chairman of the board is Anand Kishor, IAS.
  • The Secretary of board is Anup Kumar Sinha.
  • For any queries students and teachers should visit the official Website of Bihar education department that is www.
  • Bihar Board declared result of each examination on its official website Exam Result like, Bihar Matric Result 2017, Bihar Board 12th Result etc.

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